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Staff of the Month

Karla Espinoza

Congratulations to Karla for being named as one of the September 2019 staff of the month. Karla has been with the Boys & Girls Clubs since September 2015 as an Activity Leader at Fremont Elementary.  During her time there, Karla worked diligently to not only foster a relationship with her students, but with her team, district administrators, and parents.  At the beginning of this school year, Karla was promoted to the Site Coordinator at the Fremont STEAM Academy.  The Academy is currently in a transition phase from what was previously known as the Magnet Program.  Karla has been doing a fantastic job during this transition.  She has shown great flexibility, resiliency and enthusiasm for her new position and for the Academy.

Most recently, Karla demonstrated great leadership at the grand opening event, held at Fremont Elementary, show casing the new Science Academy Modules and all of the amazing projects the students have been working on.

Carino Gomez

Congratulations to Carina for being named as one of the September 2019 staff of the month. Carina’s creativity and dedication to her students shows in her work daily.  Most recently she researched a variety of activities to do with her class, which lead to her helping the students to create their own DIY lava lamp as well as learning to make ice cream from scratch.   Her creative ideas even inspired other staffers to come up with new ideas for their classes.  

Her positive influence, talent, and great personality are only a few of the reasons she was chosen as the new art instructor.  Since assuming the position, her creativity has made an amazing impression on her students.  

Eme Tucker

Congratulations to Eme for being named as one of the September 2019 staff of the month.  From overseeing our STEM Mentoring program, making sure all of the paperwork is in place and that all of our requirements are met, to working with the members on their projects, Eme always exceeds expectations.  Her dedication and devotion to her job and our members is only a part of what makes her staff of the month.

Eme is never one to back away from a challenge and is the first to offer to help anyone when it is needed.  Her perfect attendance and punctuality make her a wonderful role model for our members. 

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