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Staff of the Month

Valerie Cruz

Congratulations to Valerie for being named as one of the December 2019 Staff of the month. Valerie’s program has a great level of excellence which is mainly due to her dedication and commitment to our members.  At the start of this school year, Valerie took leadership and lead the soccer team to great success.  Staff, parents, and students all agree that Valerie is an outstanding Site Coordinator at Hort Elementary.  During the holidays Valerie took a group of students as well as her cheer team to participate in the Bakersfield Christmas Parade as well as conducted a successful winter performance at Stiern Middle School’s Cafeteria.  It is a great privilege to work with Valerie!

Viridiana Hernandez

Congratulations to Viridiana for being named as one of the December 2019 Staff of the month. Viridiana strives to be a great leader in her role as a team lead at Sierra Vista.  She works diligently with each member whether it’s on their homework, in an activity or even during dress up days such as Fun Friday.  She is also there for them to help with any problems and to help members correct any issues.  Viridiana is always willing to help and use her experience to solve any issues that may arise.  Her welcoming demeanor, communication and professional skills are among the reasons we’re proud to have her on our staff.

Jacqueline Smith

Congratulations to Jacqueline for being named as one of the December 2019 Staff of the month. Jaqueline has done an amazing job stepping into the Site Coordinator position at Beardsley Elementary. During her short tenure in the position she has shown amazing leadership, compassion, and drive for her staff, students and program as a whole.  Congratulations Jacqueline on an amazing job and for exceeding expectations!

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