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Staff of the Month

Josiah Peters

Congratulations to Josiah on being named as one of our February 2020 Staff of the Month.  Josiah has been with the Boys and Girls Club for a little over 3 years has moved up the ladder quickly. Recently he was promoted to Site Coordinator for Pauly Elementary at the start of the current school year.  Josiah excels in making sure that his students are always in a safe & positive environment. He is always ready to give an extra support when needed and collaborates with day school staff to encourage new students to enroll which shows his dedication to his program.  

Chuck Ortiz

Congratulations to Chuck on being named as one of our February 2020 Staff of the Month.  Chuck has been a great asset to our team in a variety of different departments! He started off as a Career Launch Member back in 2014 and was recruited to work at our Suburu Club.  Chuck always comes in to work ready and is eager to help in anyway. He has a great upbeat outlook and encourages members to get involved and reminds them to make good choices. Chuck is responsible for ensuring our snack is served properly and cleaned up. He also ensures our members are being checked in and out of daily program properly, monitors bathroom safety, and keeps an eye on the campus gate for security.

Jordan Feliciano

Congratulations to Jordan on being named as one of our February 2020 Staff of the Month Jordan is fairly new to the afterschool program and has been doing an amazing job in his short time.  Coming to us with an education in music, he is able to share his love for music with the students.  Jordan excels at his job and shows a great interest in growing with the club and working with students. 

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Stephanie Bishop

Congratulations to Stephanie on being named as one of our February 2020 Staff of the Month Stephanie is a Site Coordinator from Frazier Park who works very hard to exceed the core value expectations of our programs. She has a great rapport in the community as well as with parents, students and staff. She encourages her staff and gives them the support needed to succeed.  Stephanie is a very detailed and organized person, which helps her to maintain a smooth running program from completing reports to monitor staff and members. We are very proud of all the work and efforts Stephanie brings to our team!


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Be honest with oneself

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Positive attitude, clear communication,

teamwork, and accountability.





Consistant in performance and behavior, with a commitment to deliver beyond expectations.

A commitment to teamwork and 

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Show passion, eagerness, and

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