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Tess Freeman

Congratulations to Tess on being named as one of our August 2020 Staff of the month.  Tess has not only shown amazing leadership skills in the Nutrition Department but has gone above and beyond what is expected of her. She is always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the meals are being provided to the children in our community. She has filled in for staff on the weekend, taken on a leadership role in the kitchen, continued with her Administrative duties, making sure all meals are accounted for and loaded up for the weekend all while continuing to have a smile on her face and a do anything attitude. Tess is a key employee that knows what it takes to make a difference.

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Victor Hugo Godinez

Congratulations to Victor on being named as one of our August 2020 Staff of the month.  Víctor has been an excellent Activity Leader throughout his career with the Club, most recently at Thorner Elementary.  During the pandemic, he volunteered to work at the Armstrong Youth Center where he created a positive atmosphere for our members with his creative curriculum and activates.  At the start of the new school year, Victor was transferred to our newest school site, Martin Luther King, where he stepped up to be team lead.  His positive energy and by going above and beyond in helping with setting high standards for his team, recruitment, and developing activities for our students has earned him his newest position as Site Coordinator. It is a pleasure for the Boys & Girls Club to have Víctor, who does whatever it takes to build great futures, on our staff.

Janet Medina

Congratulations to Janet on being named as one of our August 2020 Staff of the month.  Despite the ongoing pandemic we are in and these uncertain times Janet has kept a positive attitude and great work ethic with her South Kern staff.  She is continuously in communication with her supervisors when it comes to her site and any issues that may arise. Janet has always done whatever it takes to ensure a safe and enjoyable work environment and program not only for our members, but for our staff! She has exhibited complete flexibility with switching to distance learning and accommodating to the needs of the district.  Thank you Janet for all the hard work and commitment you have displayed over the years!

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