Staff of the Month

Norma Sierra

Congratulations to Norma on being named as one of our October 2020 Staff of the Month.  She has shown great enthusiasm and leadership at her site, Ramon Garza. From the start of programs, she has led the extended learning program in student enrollment and has done an amazing job of increasing our numbers and keeping them steady.  Norma is an exceptional site coordinator that we can rely on for anything.  She is quick to complete any tasks and turns in needed documents almost as soon as they're assigned. She is always willing to come in early in order to make sure that her students receive the supplies they need and prepare for the day. Norma also takes time to help other site coordinators and share ideas during our meetings.  Congratulations Norma!

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Matthew Soto

Congratulations to Matthew on being named as one of our October 2020 Staff of the Month.  Matthew has been contributing to a great team work atmosphere by sharing his expertise and active involvement with his online tutoring classes for our After School program. His continuous out-of-the box thinking shows his creativity and dedication to our members.  By pushing his limits, he encourages his fellow Myrtle team members to push forward with new ideas and innovations to help make our programs better.

Kimberly Cerda

Congratulations to Kimberly on being named as one of our October 2020 Staff of the Month.  Kimberly has shown great leadership in her role as part of our nutrition team even though she has only been working for a short period of time. Kimberly is motivated, full of energy and always willing to help her team. She had the privilege of starting our newest meal service grab and go location in Rexland Park recently and has done a fantastic job.  Kimberly’s enthusiasm has been a huge part of our success in Rexland thanks to her initiative to pass out flyers door to door and really communicating with the community about our services. She has also been given the task to cross-train as supervisor for our Saturday meal service.  Thank you Kimberly for everything that you do as part of the nutrition team.

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Taya Marroquin - November 2018

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