From its inception, Club 66 was meant to foster a feeling of pride and belonging for its members, but who better to be a part of this special group than those of us who put our hearts and souls into providing the great services of BGCKC each and every day. That’s why we wanted to create a version of the club that made it easy for staff to participate for as little as (but not required nor limited to) $66 a year. And to make it super easy, you can elect to have your donation deducted directly from each paycheck.

To keep with the fun 66 theme, here are some suggested donation amounts, however, there is no minimum amount for paycheck deductions.

How does   this work?

  • A lapel pin to proudly display around your colleagues

  • Name listed on the website and newsletters

  • Invitations to special Staff Club 66 events

What are the  Club  66 benefits?

Are there tax benefits?

Because your charitable donations come out of your after-tax earnings, you can deduct the total amount deducted from your payroll checks during the year on the “Gifts to Charity” line of your Schedule A if you choose to itemize instead of claiming the standard deduction.