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The curtain is drawn and the stage lights come on to reveal a cast of children posed against an ornate background.  This is the moment that all of the hard work and commitment pays off…our children are on stage and about to perform!  As part of our performing arts experience, our children are mentored by a professional director and choreographer; and glamorized by a costumer. Supported by a sound engineer, stage crew and many other professionals working together so that when the curtain is up, our children are given a real theater experience and professional production.   


Annie / This and That / Footloose
Past Productions
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Switched on Broadway / Turn Back Time / The Little Mermaid
Past Production
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Coming Soon
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Music Fusion

This select group of Boys & Girls Club Members literally "perform" community service by participating in our year round activities including summer stock musical productions; musical shows for local groups such as Rotary, the Symphony, and Bakersfield College. Their commitment and the professionalism that they bring to each challenge is the driving force which has led many of our kids in getting lead roles with outside theater groups; taking center stage for singing the national anthem locally, regionally and nationally; and joining adult casts for stage productions while holding their own.  Due to limited space, participation is by invitation only.

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Although it may appear as though some students are together, the following performances were each filmed individually, with the exception of siblings and those quarantining together, using appropriate social distancing and protective equipment.